Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Making arrangements

No mother or father should ever have to.

I never wrote about our experience with the funeral home because it's perhaps the one part of losing a child that we all want to forget. Except, I can't forget it.

We didn't have a typical funeral. No wake. I didn't want that for him. He was our baby and deserved a remembrance that would leave everyone touched by his spirit and love.

I wanted it to be beautiful and breathtaking. Just like Sawyer.

And it was.


Dana said...

That is beautiful. You should never have to make funeral arrangements for your child. I will never forget sitting in the room with the funeral director and signing papers for my baby, whose body was lying somewhere in the building. Definitely one of the worst moments of my life.

Kim said...

I'm sorry about your sweet Sawyer. I lost our twin girls this summer. Definitely not something any mother should ever be faced with. Thinking of you. Kim