Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finally, heart happy

As many of you know, we are expecting our "rainbow" baby sometime in the next few months. We're hoping that this little one stays put a lot longer than their big brother and that labor, delivery and everything after that is complication-free.

Yesterday we had our first fetal echo of the baby's heart - and at this point, things look very promising. No glaring issues to be seen, but the heart is so tiny at this point that there is no way to see everything. So we head back in April for one final echo before the baby is born. Of course, we'll be having another echo done on the baby's heart after birth - just to rule out every possible CHD out there.

Our journey has been a mixed blessing. We are happy for our new bundle of joy while we continue to mourn the loss of our son that is still so fresh in our minds and hearts.

Thank you everyone for the continued love and support. It has helped us so much and we are thankful for dear friends and family.


TanaLee Davis said...

I'm glad things have continued to be uneventful. It is great that you are keeping up with the doc's and staying as positive as you can. Keep on updating us with this little beans news.

brigette said...

Im glad things are still looking good! Praying for you guys!

Crystal said...

Hi.. I just needed to take a moment and stop by, this is Crystal from Domestic, But Not Martha. I wanted to thank you for your words in my post about losing my bff's baby boy. I will try to read the story but as of now, my heart is still broken <3 I think it will be for a few but I'm trying to live in the happy moments <3. She and I are so close, my babies are hers, and hers are mine. She is my bff in the world. Stay strong sweetie. Keep in touch <3


Wyatt's Mommie said...

Heart healthy... two words that are so amazing after the hurricanes that we have been through. We miss you soooo much.