Saturday, August 7, 2010

The first "Sawyer's Heart Memory Box"

Here is the first memory box made in Sawyer's honor. The news of the baby and family that were in need of this came so quick, that I had such little time to put it all together.

I wanted them to have something special - something like we had. It's cruel enough that we have to leave the hospital without our babies, but to leave with nothing would be the worst thing of all.

So, included in the first basket was a plaster kit for the baby's tiny feet. A beautiful, pink blanket, "When Hello Means Goodbye," a box of "no-more milk tea" and a book that we read to Sawyer named "Sleep Baby Sleep."

I know this was our first box, and I didn't have much time to put it together (and trust me, I'm going to be more prepared from now on) - but what types of things did your hospital or bereavement counselors provide you with when your baby died? I want to make these even bigger and better for the future and am open to any suggestions.

xoxo ~ Michelle


Laurie said...

Wow. That is simply awesome. You rock.

I'll think on this and pick the brains of people I know.

rebecca said...

That is so kind of you to do for a family in need, I'm sure whatever you include will mean so much to them. We were also given two tiny little rings that I ended up getting a chain for, they are one of the things I cherish the most...I wear the necklace every day. They tied the rings to a pink ribbon for us to take home & actually used the rings in a couple pictures with Lily. Here is a link to the rings they used...

I think it's amazing you're reaching out to other families in this way, your kindness will make such a difference!

Michelle said...

Oh I like that Rebecca.

Collins said...

I think a little note of what is in there and what it's all meant to be used for would be great. And tips about what you can expect to get help from the hospital staff about... lactation issues, milk donation, funeral arrangements.

Just something short that can help them with having realistic expectations, and to know why you've included what you have-- why the blanket is special, etc... just a thought.

But is was a truly wonderful basket, and you're a truly wonderful person. You touched some very sad hearts in a deep and meaningful way that day. And mine, too. Thank you, one hundred times, thank you.

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

What a beautiful gesture and a beautiful basket. Our ministry was born out of the desire that no family should have to leave the hospital without something to comfort their aching, empty arms and broken heart after the loss of their sweet baby. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Sawyer. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. We also have an online bereavement support community called Walking With You, if you would like to add your blog and/or join in.

Praying God's comfort and sufficient grace for your family,
Kelly Gerken
Sufficient Grace Ministries

Wyatt's Mommie said...

What a beautiful basket and I think you included so many wonderful items for the family. We didn't receive anything from our hospital expect Wyatt's footprints and the NILMDTS services. Since Wyatt was an angel when born, we didn't receive a birth certificate and he didn't even have a hospital band on, can you believe that one.
You are so wonderful for putting together baskets like this. I wish you the best and I pray that you touch many families in need.
Hugs, Megan

Michelle said...

@Megan - have you heard that they're pushing in certain states for legislation to make it mandatory to give out a birth certificates for live births, even if it's a stillborn.

@Everyone else - thank you for the suggestions so much

Amanda said...

That is a great basket! We got a memory box when we left the hospital with little things we used in the hospital but I guess the nurses would put that together or put the items in the box you made. We also got a basket from the NICU nurses about a month after we got home. It had a small teddy bear with angel wings, a picture frame and those small stones you can keep in your purse or pocket that say peace and hope, among other things.

This is such a great thing to do, make these baskets. I want to get started myself.