Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mary Todd

We're in Sprinfield on a weekend trip and visited the Abe Lincoln Museum with Sadie. This is the second time Erik and I have gone together and on our first trip here, I was pregnant with Sadie.

The one thing I remembered most from that trip, and not just in light of recent events, was Mary Todd.

She lost her three-year-old son when she and Abe lived here in Springfield, followed by another son while they lived in the White House. And then another son after all of that.

Mary Todd had one living son left after all of that grief. All of that unimaginable heartache and pain. And her only living son had her committed, called her an insane, crazy woman. Well can you blame her?

To me, Mary Todd was a woman of unimaginable strength in the face of adversity that almost no one could ever imagine in a lifetime.

So there we were, looking at a figure of Mary Todd - adorned all in black, sitting next to a dark window - raindrops reflecting off her grief-stricken face.

And I wept quietly.

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